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Announcing: QuickPick Version 3.0 just released.
Compatible with Windows 7 and all older OS.

Have you ever designed an interior scene, a kitchen for example and then wished that you could change the style of it? Perhaps make it more sophisticated or rustic? With our QuickPick Program you can do just that; switch applied textures with just few mouse clicks. Fast enough, even to do it on your laptop with your client at your side.

See QuickPick examples and tutorial videos here

Whether you design a residential interior, commercial office, fitness center, or other commercial establishment, QuickPick program with nearly 3000 quality 3D models and thousands of textures in its database will satisfy even the most demanding professional. With QuickPick, creating of hundreds of combinations by changing fabrics, woods or other materials to alter the look of a model is only click away.

Compatible with all CAD programs that can open or import
DWG, 3DS, MAX, TCW or DCD file format.
(QuickPick Figures sold separately)






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QuickPick models sold separately or in collections or programs are available in DWG, MAX, 3DS, TCW, DCD and DXF Formats.
The models are delivered as surfaced 3D geometry with no implied warranty of fitness to a particular purpose.