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Architectural House Plans
Hosted by New World Graphics

House 1

House 2

House 3

House Plans in AutoCAD LT, 14 and 2000
See AutoCAD Detail and Symbol Library.

The House Plans CD-Rom was created by professionals to reduce the work load for architects, designers and CAD draftspersons by compiling floor plans, sections and graphic details. Capes, Colonials, Salt Boxes, Ranches, Gambrels and Raised Ranches are included on this disc. The CD-Rom contains over 25 complete permit ready house plans.

These are the full permit ready prints from foundation to roof framing including details. All drawings are formatted for AutoCad LT, 14 and 2000. You can edit these plans over and over, the possibilities are endless. All of these houses have been constructed and meet national BOCA Codes, but may need editing to meet local building and zoning codes in your area.

This CD will save you time and money as quickly as you can get it in your CD-ROM drive, best yet, you can open the drawings directly off of the CD, and modify the plans as required for your custom application, and there is no installation on your hard drive! This encourages the user to continually modify and expand an ever-growing library of homes. With the House Plans CD-Rom, drawings are standardized, valuable project time can be saved, and you can be more productive. All drawings are in Auto-Cad 14/2000 format. This CD is compatible with Autocad 14, 2000 and Autocad LT versions.