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Autocad Detail and Symbol Library in AutoCAD LT, 14 and 2000
Hosted by New World Graphics

With 3800 high quality symbols for only $65, you can not go wrong! Order Here

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GuardRail | HeadJamb | Wall | Soffit | Vanity | Bathroom | Column | Framing | Handrail | Roof | Stairs | Soffit detail

The AutoCAD Detail and Symbol Library CD was created by professionals for use by architects, interior designers, and cad draftspersons. The purpose of the library is to minimize the workload associated with creating symbols of your own.

The AutoCAD Detail and Symbol Library contains standard plans, sections and graphic details and symbols, and custom details and symbols used in the field of architecture. In addition, the library also includes a list of details and notes used on everyday projects.

All drawings are standardized and can be inserted directly off of the CD, or modified to suit your particular application.

See Permit Ready House Plans here.

Along with items such as doors, head-sill-jamb details, soffit details, sections, etc., you are provided with details for walls, cabinets, lighting, site, glazing, handicapped accessibility and much more.
With the AutoCAD Detail and Symbol Library CD, you will possess the entire architectural, interior and drafting symbols and details library at your fingertips.
100's of true type fonts, digital images and hatch patterns are also included.

The follow are most of the categories contained on the CD:
ADA, Airplane Blocks, Automobile Blocks, Base Details, Baluster Blocks, Barscale Blocks , Bed Blocks, Broom Blocks, Bookcase Blocks, Cabinet Blocks, Ceiling Details, Chair Blocks, Civil Details, Column Details and Blocks, Concrete Details, Desk Blocks , Dishwasher Blocks, Door Blocks, Dresser Blocks, Dryer Blocks, Equipment Blocks, File Cabinet Blocks, Floor Details, Frames/Head/Sills Details, Freezer Blocks, Handrail Details, I-Beam Blocks, Lamp Blocks, Lighting Details, Lintel Details, Mechanical Details, Misc. Logo Blocks, Microwave Blocks, Misc. Bathroom Details , Misc. Blocks, Misc. Details, Misc. Elevation Details, Misc. Plan Details, Misc. Section Details, Northarrow Blocks, Notes and Schedules, Oven Blocks, Partition Details, People Blocks, Piping Details, Ramp Details, Range Blocks, Refrigerator Blocks, Road Details, Roof Details, Sewer Details, Shower Blocks, Sign Details, Sink Blocks, Sitework Details, Sofa Blocks, Soffit Details, Stair Details, Drawing Symbols, Table Blocks, Threshold Details, Toilet Blocks, Traffic Details, Tub Blocks, Urinal Blocks, Utility Details, Vanity Blocks, Vegetation Blocks, Wall Details, Water Details and Window Blocks.

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